....and we're off!



Wild Adventurous Life was founded out of a desire to live life open hearted and fully integrated with the people and passions we love.  To recognize that your life is imbalanced is one thing, but to make a change is another.  It takes courage (and grit) to face the unknown, but to feel compelled to try anyway.  You lace up your boots each morning with determination.  You must try, and often try again.  Life is a series of events, and decisions, but you have a choice.  You can decide to choose your own adventure...and that is exactly what we did.

Not sure you’re an adventurer?  Trust us…. You are.  You made it here, right?  Still not sure?  Well, we’re ready to prove it to you.  At Wild Adventurous Life, we believe there is adventure in all things!

We are a wellness & lifestyle company born from our love of coloring outside the lines, breaking the mold, and skiing out of bounds.  We're suckers for the 'here we go' excitement that comes with the unknown, and feel there is an element of magic in planning an adventure.  We believe that there is incredible freedom when you see life as a series of adventures.

This company is a fusion of our passions: travel, adventure, yoga, mindfulness, wellness, and vibrant food.  Our desire is to unite our passions to promote personal transformation, community development, entrepreneurship, and sustainability.  Here at WAL our approach is ‘Learn it. Live it. Be it.'.   

Our blog will inspire and educate through powerful content including holistic wellness tips, adventure reports, and stories of transformation.  Look forward to gems of wisdom and inspiration from our amazing contributors as well.  

We are curators for inspired events: including workshops, lecture series and retreats.  Each event is designed to provide actionable content that is value-add, and meaningful to your unique life experience.  

2017 is going to be epic.  We are so glad that you are along for this wild ride!  

Unleash your inner adventurer.

Happy New Year!


Jen + Emmy