5 Steps to Badass Status

When we announced the Bring A Badass event, I was a bit surprised by how many people said how great the event sounded ... "B U T, I'm not a badass."  

It's funny how we do this. We hear a word, a title, or a description, and we immediately disqualify ourselves. Adventurer. Leader. Beautiful. Badass. Entrepreneur. Successful. Worthy. Who am I to be these things?

Whatever the word or words may be for you, we are quick to wrap them up in a package with a huge label that says 'Do Not Touch' and toss it on the shelf. Maybe we'll come back to it a bit later on, or maybe we'll allow it to collect cobwebs for months or even years.

I ask you to consider for a moment, what is fueling this self-doubt talk? What stories do you tell yourself about who you are that make you play smaller than you should, or even worse, put you on the sidelines?

You're not alone. The sidelines are crowded. I've been there. In fact, I go there more often than I'd like. But, my practice teaches me to keep moving onto the field. Guru Singh, in his recent podcast with Rich Roll, talks about this same metaphor. If we consider our lives like a soccer game, we can then examine what role we are playing - i.e. how you are showing up?  Are you the spectator on the sidelines? The ball being volleyed around? The coach? The captain? The defensive line? 

It's no doubt that we are most of those things at one time or another. But if we consistently, remain the ball or the spectator, we are not only doing ourselves a disservice, but we are depriving the world of our special sauce.   

Every single being has an amazing, unfathomable gift that only meeting life head on will reveal.
— Mark Nepo

Here are 5 steps to jumping into the game ... and owning your badassery.


(1) Find Your Feet
This is something I cue in nearly every yoga class I teach. In tadasana, or mountain pose, it's a powerful gesture to press your energy into the floor through your feet and to recognize as well the equal and opposite force of the floor meeting them. Home is where your feet are. You are supported by the universe, so go deep and explore your true self. A badass identifies the gravitational pull of their soul and allows themselves the opportunity to move in that direction. 

(2) Make A Decision
This is the here-we-go part. I grew up in northern VT, and one my favorite things to do was jump around on the rocks in the stream behind our house. Inevitably I would get to a rock that was just a bit outside of my comfort zone. I would swing my arms back and forth and take a few deep breaths to build momentum (and courage). 3-2-1-JUMP! Mel Robbins, motivational speaker and CNN contributor, developed this concept as the 5-Second Rule. Anytime you rub up against doubt, count down from 5 and make a decision to just go for it. Here's a new agreement for yourself. 5-4-3-2-1. I am a badass.


(3) Develop A Powerful Practice
Being a badass takes practice. Find a practice that centers you, whether it's yoga, meditation, journaling, hiking, or chanting. Commit to making yourself a top priority and nourishing yourself holistically so that you can expand your bandwidth. 

(4) Lean In With Grace
Ok, let's talk science again. In step 1, we learned with every force there is an equal and opposite reaction. That said, expect to run head on with resistance. Resilience is moving through this resistance. A badass is resilient, brave, and easeful. Notice if you're holding on too tightly and remember that the universe is providing what your need when you need it. Badass Tony Robbins says "Everything you came for, you came with."   

(5) Celebrate No Matter What
Embrace the journey as an adventure. Sometimes it doesn't look the way you imagined. A badass has more battle wounds than wins. It's been said that over the years, Laird Hamilton has broken over 1,000 bones in his body. Yet, when I look at him I see a powerful guy who has singlehandedly shifted the landscape of surfing forever. Make friends with failure. Practice falling as much as you dream of winning. Celebrate it. Let it be your best teacher. 


Come join your fellow badasses, at our upcoming BRING A BADASS event!


Jen is co-founder of Wild Adventurous Life and founder of Laney & Lu Cafe. She is a VT native, adventurer, certified yoga teacher, wellness + lifestyle coach, and entrepreneur. She proclaims herself to be passionate about a lot of things, but an expert at none.