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Choose 1 Way to Celebrate Our Earth

Tomorrow is Earth Day.  A day we have on our calendars, plant trees in primary school, but do we actually take time to celebrate it?  In honor of this special day we are giving you 10 options. Go ahead, be an over achiever - we LOVE it.  Do all 10!  But we are asking you, do ONE to celebrate this amazing, beautiful planet we live on. 

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I Love to Run

I love to run—and after not running for 18 years after high school, I began to run in 2010 after watching my oldest son Gustave experience his own joy when he laced up his shoes. You cannot teach that kind of joy. All you can do is stand back, shed a few tears and marvel when someone finds something they not only love, but excel at doing.

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5 Steps to Badass Status

When we announced the Bring A Badass event, I was a bit surprised by how many people said how great the event sounded ... "B U T, I'm not a badass."  It's funny how we do this. We hear a word, or a title, or a description, and we immediately disqualify ourselves. Adventurer. Leader. Beautiful. Badass. Entrepreneur. Successful. Worthy. Who am I to be these things?

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