Digital Detox Survival Guide

By Emmy Katz

Ok! So you are considering a Digital Detox, good for you! If you are not sure this applies to you or saying "nah, not me" then check out our previous post: 7 Signs That You Could Use a Digital Detox.

Why are we doing this?  We want to unplug from our phone and plug into the conversations right in front of us.  Instead of looking down at our phones, we want to look up and make eye contact with the real-live-breathing-amazing individuals right in front of us.

So now where to begin? We created a Survival Guide to help you through this Digital Detox.

  • Keep it Simple.  First, start by choosing one day. Join us! (We chose March 12th. Put it in your calendar, enter it into your Outlook, Iphone, or day planner. 
  • Ask for Help.  Checking Social media has become second nature for many of us so it can be tough to break the habit (even if for only one day). Ask your friends and family to help keep you accountable.  Have your significant other hold your phone hostage so you won't be tempted!
  • Play like a kid Again. We had fun before social media and the internet.  Have a scrabble night, go for a hike, read a book, crank the tunes while you make dinner, or play a game of knock-out in your driveway. 
  • Turn off to Tune in. Make sure to turn off your Instagram notifications and other things so you won't have that Pavlovian response and jump up to check your phone. Even better...turn your phone OFF.  
  • Engage. Have conversations with others, face-to-face. Plan a coffee or lunch date with a friend or maybe your funny great Aunt you have't caught up with in a while.  
  • Let others know. Let others know you are doing this! Maybe they will want to join in too.  It also helps if you tell people you will be unavailable for a certain period of time.  This way Mom doesn't get nervous and start calling the authorities, and your work colleagues will chill on the emails because they know you will be back on the grid come Monday. 

So what happens after the detox day?  We encourage you to incorporate the things you learned.  This looks different for everyone (depending on your life and schedules). This may look like setting a time each night where you turn your phone to silent or do not disturb.  Make it the same time each night so your friends and coworkers will know what to expect.  Life after the detox can also look like one day a week where you choose to have a phone-free day. Imagine that!? Re-learn how to enjoy the world around without a screen, it's beautiful. 


    Emmy is a Physician Assistant, Holistic Health Coach, and co-founder of Wild Adventurous Life.  By day she works as Physician Assistant in a Integrative and Functional Medicine Practice, and by all the times in between she is scheming up adventures for WAL.