How to Manifest Like a Badass

by Amber Lilyestrom


I was out for a run yesterday in the brisk New England cold air.

The wind was biting and I was thanking my lucky stars for whomever invented fleece-lined running tights.

As I crunched through the icy bits on the shoulder, I looked up at the giant trees and the windy road ahead and had a flashback of a time when living here was nothing but a dream.

I thought about the years that we lived in places and spaces that weren’t quite right for us, but were constantly moving us one step closer to what it was we really wanted.

Seven years ago, we fell in love with our sweet little home on the water.

We were newly dating and the impromptu walk-through we did when the homeowners invited us up from our kayaks revealed that this place was way outside our price range at the time.

The timing wasn’t right, but we never stopped thinking about this magical place on the pond.

Life continued on.

We bought a home in another town.

We adopted our first dog, then our second.

We had a baby.

I quit my corporate career to launch my own business and life ticked forward.

But every single time we drove by the pond we would pretend we were already home.

We would talk about how we would decorate it, we talked about the little Christmas tree we wanted to put on the dock so we could see it from the road.

We would talk to it, saying, “Hi house! We can’t wait to live in you!”

I would take the long way home just to drive on this winding road I now get to go for my runs on.

We lived and acted as if our dream was already a reality.

We believed in our core that it was on its way to becoming.

We had fearless faith and infinite trust.

And then it happened.

On a random Tuesday night in May 2015, I scrolled through real estate listings as I often did and there it was.

Our house.

It was ready and waiting for us to come home.

We called our mortgage company the next morning.

We got preapproved and rode the waves of buying and selling a home.

We took a wild leap and went all in.

A series of miracles found their way to us throughout the process and a few short months later, we were moving in and celebrating with our friends and family at our very first barbecue on the pond.

We live tucked away among the pines, surrounded by nature all day everyday.

And it’s more magical than I could have ever imagined.

I share this story with you as proof positive that when we set our intentions and connect with laser focus and clarity on the things we desire, nothing can keep us from our dreams.

What are you ready to welcome into being?

Grab your journal and write it down as if it’s already yours. Or, write it in the comments below to claim it to the world.

The more detailed the better.

It’s ok if it feels silly at first.

I was adding 15 minutes to my drive every time I chose to take the long-way home, but the joy I felt driving on that winding road was worth its weight in gold simply because of the way it made me feel.

The lives we are living today are due to the choices of our former selves.

Give yourself permission to want you want and have the courage to take the inspired action today to bring it to life.


Amber is a transformational branding & business strategist, writer and speaker. She is the host of The Soul Fueled CEO™ Podcast and helps entrepreneurs turn their passions in to heart-centered brands and thriving businesses. Prepare to be inspired and follow her moves at