Setting fears aside to "DO GOOD"

By Jill Spring

It was about six weeks ago that I was sitting at my kitchen table working on my small business, Get it Going. Currently, we deliver activities to carry out acts of kindness and gratitude. I use the word “currently” because Get it Going has evolved over time from t-shirts, to patches, and now box subscriptions. Quite simply it has become my passion and life’s purpose to encourage actions of kindness, mindfulness, and gratitude. I learned in my own life, that it isn’t enough to just talk about love and kindness, or just read or write about it. Even simply buying something with the message of love or peace certainly doesn't create the feeling you get when you actually do something nice or gracious. 

Ever notice right before you are about to go out of your way to do something kind for someone you get a little nervous? Before you give a complement you may worry about the other’s person response or reaction. Again, I can say from my experience sometimes going out of my way to be nice feels really awkward. . .  And then this amazing thing happens. The other person smiles. They look up at you. They thank you. Suddenly, the feeling turns from awkwardness to joy! And that is what I wish to share! That’s my passion! That’s why I work tirelessly to Get it Going and hope others do too. 

I should also add that one of the reasons that I believe so strongly in doing good deeds is because it improves the energy you give out to the universe. So the better vibes you're putting out, the better vibes you’ll be getting back. I’m all about expecting the unexpected and trusting that the universe has something even better than we could imagine just waiting for us. It’s our job to continue believing and be open to receiving through our actions.

So, back to the story. I was plugging away at my small business when the phone rang. It was my sister-in-law. I would never have dreamed up the conversation that my sister-in-law and I were having. There’s a company called “do GOOD bars” which sells nut-based, gluten free bars AND the message of doing good, AND they are looking to sell. 

What?!  At first all my fears and doubts set in. How can I take over a bar company with no experience? Am I ready for so many customers? What if I can’t find time to do this? What if I fail? But slowly, I let love creep in my decision making. . . what if this is the gift the universe has been waiting to give me? What if I’m ready based on every experience that I’ve had up to today? What if this is the beginning of all my dreams coming true?

Needless to say, love won in the decision making. Out of the clear blue, I am the proud owner of the “do GOOD bar”.  What a journey it has been already! 

Building a company based on the core values that we are trying to inspire is the best way I can imagine living my life. How fun to preach to others to do nice things, and be a leader in taking action! How humbling, to teach faith, and love vs fear and actually have to stand in a space of complete faith when things don’t seem to be going as planned. At which times I constantly remind myself that this experience is either leading to something better or teaching me something to grow. How satisfying to know that in times of hardships, I can change my attitude by feeling grateful for things I do have or go a step further and let someone else know how grateful I am for them. Gratitude makes my heart smile! 

I continue to visualize the success of “do GOOD bar” and also the continued awareness of my brand of Get it Going which as best as humanly possible, stays true to love, kindness, mindfulness, and gratitude with each new business and personal adventure. 


Jill knows how amazing it feels to take action towards practicing gratitude, mindfulness, and doing kind deeds. She's determined to inspire others to feel the same joy.  Her creativity and passion are boxed and delivered as a new activity each month for folks to Get it Going. Join the movement!