What Yoga Teacher Training Taught Me

by Emmy Katz

This weekend marked the end of my Yoga Teacher Training through 3 Bridges in Portsmouth, NH. We did it! Wa-hoo! It has been 9 months of long weekends and countless hours in the car driving to Portsmouth since my move to upstate NY. Was it worth it? Hands down, YES. 100%. I have learned so much in these past few months about teaching, the practice of Yoga, and Yogic Philosophy, but most importantly about myself.

Yoga Teacher Training forced me to turn inward - to get real.  I could have held onto the old stories about my past, and worries about the future.  That would have been easy, and worrying is right in my wheel house. I am an epic worrier (just ask my Mom).  Instead, through my experiences in Teacher Training I began to show up in the here and now, and allow myself to just be.

We worked on feeling the pose, sitting in silent meditation, practicing stillness, and holding space for others without attachment.  In those moments of true presence, that was where the true teaching took place. My friend and mentor Joanna Chipi so often encourages us to "honor the space between no longer...and not yet."

Teacher Training also reminded me of the importance of community. We showed up that first weekend in the Fall for different reasons, but together we grew into a collective family. We got to know one another, and were there for one another. I received an overwhelming amount of support and compassion with the death of a family member, along with my move and new career transition. We allowed space for each individual to speak their truth. There was laughter, tears, frustration, and true joy. Every story was precious, and part of the fabric of our experience.

Does this mean that I am walking around blissed out and completely present in each moment? No way. I still worry. I get nervous about teaching. But then I remember the poses are just one part of the wonderful and magical practice of Yoga. Yoga Teacher Training has taught me to have a greater sense of awareness within my own life. It taught me to allow myself the space to grow and change, to find peace, and show up...just as I am.  

I am Emmy.  I am a Yoga Teacher. 


Emmy is a Physician Assistant, Holistic Health Coach, and co-founder of Wild Adventurous Life. By day she works as Physician Assistant in a Integrative and Functional Medicine Practice, and by all the times in between she is scheming up adventures for WAL.