Wake Up Your Soul: Retreat Recap

This past weekend brought 25 yogis, 3 guest instructors, a surprise snowstorm, and a whole lot of personal growth to the beautiful grounds of Alnoba for our very first retreat: WAKE UP YOUR SOUL. 

Alnoba not only has 400 protected acres of New Hampshire wilderness, but a breathtaking space to practice yoga, meditation, and cultivates the opportunity to connect with your inner self. The expansive glass windows allowed us to stay connected with nature and watch the snow falling as if we were in our very own snow globe! Needless to say it helped set the stage for our weekend that was nothing short of magical. 

Our intention for the weekend was to create an opportunity for people to connect to their authentic power, unleash old stories and see the unlimited possibilities available to them, and really own their journey by harnessing a healthy mindset and taking action. 

How can I be ever more aware of the unlimited possibilities available to me right now?
— Niurka

Here are some scenes from Friday night's yoga practice, welcome circle, and crackling fire. 

Saturday Morning began with meditation and pranayama. We focused on the imagery of mountains recognizing that mountains, just like humans, experience a weather that is completely their own. We in turn can be like mountains, unchanging in life's stormy weather or sunny skies. As mountains we can learn to experience deeper silence, stillness and wisdom. 

Following morning meditation we led into a yummy vegetarian breakfast featuring locally sourced ingredients from The Farm At Eastman's Corner.  It was then time to laugh, move, smile, and do some yoga!

We hosted two morning workshops: centered around balance. We explored Ayurvedic tradition, our Doshas, and areas where we could "clear out the clutter" to take actionable steps to move in the direction of positive change. Yogis also tested balance on the mat with guest contributor Jean Donnelly, leading them through a powerful soul-based workshop. The afternoon we had time for relaxation, snow fun, and a workshop centered around Pursuing Your Passion. Such great food for our souls. 

We rounded out our Saturday Yoga practice by letting go of things that hold us back, and flowing into our truth with inspiring guest contributor, Joanna Chipi. We capped off the night with a yummy community dinner, bonfire, Irish songs, and some good old fashion fireside chats.  

We woke up on Sunday to a quiet morning filled with the warm Springtime sun. Our community welcomed spiritual mentor, writer and yogi, Karen Kenney, to our retreat with her inspiring story and "Fearless Flow" Workshop. Throughout the workshop we focused our attention on choosing love over fear.

You can have a grievance or a miracle. You cannot have both.
— A Course in Miracles

As we write this recap, it's hard to wrap up the energy of the retreat into words.   We are honored to have held space for the amazing individuals who attended.  We are connected to each other, in the universal vibration, and the divine.  With our chins up, hearts forward, and strong voices we affirm:

We've got you.
We trust you.
We love you. 


Shout Outs:

Food by: The Farm at Eastman's Corner
Photography: by the talented Raya Al-Hashmi
Guest Instructors: Joanna Chipi, Jean Donnelly, Karen Kenney
Adventure Leaders: Emmy Katz and Jennifer Desrosiers
Inspiration: Each and every member of our WAL community.
Change Makers: You.